Hockey has always been a huge part of my life. From a toddler, ice hockey rinks have been my home away from home as my dad was a professional coach in Finnish National league.  Even though my dad was coaching my mom was the one, who tied my skates and taught me how to use them. I started to play in the same team with my brother who is two years older than me. We’ve always had a great brother rivalry and he still claims to be the better ice hockey player. If anyone, I would like to thank my whole family and specially my mom and grandparents for supporting me through my early days, all the hours spent beside the rink and picking me up from trainings. And my dad for all those hours that he spent helping me develop as an ice hockey player and how he taught me what it takes to be a professional athlete from the very beginning.

As a youngster I played all kinds of sports. You gave me a ball, I was kicking it. You gave me a stick, I was either trying to hit the ball or my brother. I’m thoroughly a sport enthusiastic and I still follow football (yes, football) and American football when I can. To name favorites, The Gunners, Arsenal F.C and in the NFL, I support Baltimore Ravens. One to also pick from everything is boxing and Muhammad Ali who’s someone I’ve always looked up to.

My career has moved me all around the world already, but there’s one place I call home, The great city of Turku, Finland. It’s where I return every year, to train even harder and spend valuable time with my childhood friends and family. I’ve lived in Turku since I was six years old and that’s where I lie my roots and can truly relax and focus on training.

As the greatest achievements in my career so far, U-20 WC gold medal is something that I truly appreciate and cherish. Our team was a huge underdog in the tournament, but we overcame every obstacle as a team. Even though nobody believed in our victory before the tournament we made it happen with hard work and playing as a unit. It was truly a will over skill victory. But if I must name one pivotal thing in my career, it must be our amazing playoff run and SHL victory with Frölunda HC. It was my breakthrough season in Europe and the team spirit that I’ll always keep with me.


In the future I have one dream, to win the Stanley Cup.